The head of Microsoft's Mac Business Unit Kevin Browne has heaped praise on Apple's decision to make Mac OS X the default operating system on all its Macs.

"I absolutely applaud Apple for doing it," Browne told Macworld.

"The longer that you stay in OS transition, the bigger the risk of failure. It sends mixed signals to customers and developers," said the Mac Business Unit general manager.

"It's risky, but dropping OS 9 for OS X is no more dangerous than canning ADB for USB, or removing floppy disk drives. Apple has made the right decision," said Browne.

Office release Browne also revealed that Microsoft would release a free service release for its Office v. X suite of business applications this spring. This should fix any bugs and critical issues.

The company is still deciding whether to develop the next Mac-compatible version of Internet Explorer for Mac OS X only or for Mac OS 9 as well.