Microsoft today asked US District Court Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly to immediately rule in its favour in its antitrust case with the nine remaining dissident states.

The company argues that the states have failed to prove their case in remedy hearings. The states ended their presentation yesterday. Motions for immediate judgement are common in cases at this stage of trial in the US.

“Microsoft should not be required to undertake the time, expense, and distraction of putting on a responsive case,” the company said in its movement for judgment. The states haven’t offered evidence proving that the Microsoft improperly maintained its operating system’s monopoly, the company argued.

Proposed remedy is 'unbinding' In a second filing, Microsoft proposed an alternative motion for partial judgment, requesting that the court to strike the “unbinding” provision of the litigating states’ proposed remedy.

The states want Microsoft to remove its middleware products from its operating system and sell a stripped-down version of Windows without applications such as Internet Explorer and MSN Instant Messenger built in. Microsoft argued today that the states haven’t proven that consumers would benefit from a stripped-down version of Windows.