Microsoft has terminated Mac OS X support for its MSN for Mac OS X.

"We wanted to drop you a line to let you know that starting in February, MSN for Mac OS X customers will receive information regarding changes to their MSN experience," the company said.

Beginning May 31, Microsoft will no longer support the MSN for Mac OS X client, the company explained, adding: "MSN’s Mac customers will continue to have access to the MSN online features and content via a Web browser and will retain their current MSN email address, address book, account data and mailbox size. Customers will simply access their e-mail account online from their MyMSN page or by connecting to MSN Hotmail."

MSN is a collection of Microsoft's online services, sometimes accessed by the MSN for Mac OS X client - a version of IE.

Despite the move the company insists its Mac Business Unit, "remains committed to the Mac platform and its customers. Microsoft will be in regular communication with its MSN for Mac customers to ensure options are clearly communicated and the transition is as smooth as possible."