In the wake of the US Federal Court’s Microsoft monopoly ruling, a trio of veteran class-action lawyers are suing the software giant – a move that could prompt a flood of similar suits.

A report in today's New York Times says the lawsuit alleges Microsoft used its operating-systems monopoly to overcharge for Windows 95 and Windows 98.

Lawyers Terry Gross, Francis Scarpulla and Daniel Mogin will file the lawsuit in California Superior Court in San Francisco on behalf of millions of Windows users in that state, the newspaper said.

The lawyers are asking for triple damages should they secure a verdict against Microsoft. But the lawsuit will not estimate the financial effect borne by Windows users who allegedly were overcharged, the newspaper said.

After judge Thomas Penfield Jackson issued findings of fact in the government's antitrust case against Microsoft, some legal experts predicted that his finding that the software maker is a monopoly would lead to a barrage of additional lawsuits.

Others say the number of suits filed will be small, though still potentially damaging to Microsoft.