Microsoft has released two updates for Mac users: MSN Messenger 3.0 for Mac OS X, and Microsoft Office v.X Service Release 1.

MSN Messenger 3.0 for Mac OS X adds a number of new features, including file-transfer, groups, contact import and export, and a new, updated user interface. The program allows users to communicate online instantly.

Microsoft Office v. X, Service Release 1 is a collection of product updates for all Office v. X programs. Service Release 1 is not a required upgrade, but Microsoft recommends it for Office v. X users.

The updater also contains all previous updates for Office v. X. It includes Entourage X Hotmail Update, which allows Entourage X to connect to MSN Hotmail servers – Microsoft has upgraded these servers to the latest, most secure technologies. Network Security Update allows users to run Office v. X and its standalone programs more securely on a network. The URL Security Update addresses a security vulnerability that could be exploited to allow malicious code to run on a user’s computer.