Microsoft's Mac Business Unit (Mac BU) has released Microsoft Messenger 6.0.

This release of the company's internet messaging software is a Universal application designed to work on both PowerPC and Intel-based Macs.

The company calls the software a "key update for personal users" and it includes interoperability with Yahoo! Messenger. 

Two services are available: a personal and a corporate service. The personal version works with the Windows Live Messenger service, while a corporate account uses the Microsoft Office Live Communications Server service.

Features of the software include:

- Chat with Yahoo! Messenger contacts
- Add a status message that your personal contacts can see
- Share what you are listening to in iTunes with your personal contacts
- Create, send, and receive custom emoticons with personal contacts
- Send and receive custom animated emoticons with personal contacts
- Search for conversation histories using Spotlight
- Check the spelling in your instant messages