The Nasdaq index lost a colossal 349.15 points in the day following the Microsoft judgement by Judge Jackson.

Confidence in IT and Internet stocks fell as investors considered the importance of the decision.

CNBC’s Tom Costello said blame for Nasdaq’s fall, was in "large part" down to Microsoft antitrust ruling.

Intel, Apple, Sun and Oracle all lost value, though Linux stocks enjoyed a slight rise, with Red Hat rising one point. The most active stock in terms of volume exchanged was Microsoft, which closed down 15.375 points at $90.875.

Apple lost 2.5 points on the day, but remained consistently buoyant in the run-up to its quarterly report and AGM (19, 20 April respectively). America Online (AOL), now owners of Netscape, the browser manufacturer so central to the case against Microsoft, also held its own on Nasdaq.

Nasdaq’s own 100 Index tracking stock lost 6.5625 during the day’s trading. This stock reflects the value of top stocks on Nasdaq, known as the Nasdaq 100. Featured in the top 100 list are 3Com, Adaptec, Amazon, Cisco, RealNetworks and many other firms responsible for driving the IT industry.