Microsoft has withdrawn its Palm-Entourage synchronization software – announced last week – that lets Mac OS X users synch up email databases with Palm PDA's.

In a brief message on its download Web site, Microsoft said the software is “temporarily unavailable as we investigate some technical issues that have been reported to us by customers“. The company said it is working on the problem, but gave no estimate of when the application might be available again.

Microsoft gave no description of the problem on the Web site, although a posting in a Microsoft newsgroup apparently from Mike Sampson, a member of the company's product support team, shed some light on the bug.

Sampson wrote: “I wanted to post a quick note out here to let you all know, we are aware of the issue with the Palm synch conduit that was posted where in some cases all available memory is filled on the Palm device. We have currently removed the conduit from MacTopia and are working on the issue.”