A schoolboy from Canada has upset Microsoft by registering an Internet site with the address www.MikeRoweSoft.com.

Mike Rowe, a 17-year-old, added the word "soft" to the end of his address because he "thought it would be funny". But it seems that Microsoft isn’t laughing.

The company has demanded that Rowe give up the domain name as he is "infringing copyright".

Rather than accepting $10 compensation from Microsoft, Rowe decided to ask for $10,000 in compensation, further angering the software giant.

Microsoft is now accusing the 17-year-old of trying to force it to give a larger settlement.

Rowe told CNN: "I only asked for the $10,000 because I was sort of mad at them for only offering ten bucks."

He added: "It's not their name. It's my name. I just think it's kind of funny that they'd go after a 17-year-old."

A Microsoft spokesperson said that the company had contacted Rowe "in a good-faith effort to reach a mutually agreeable resolution."