Rumours about the new MacBook Pro continue with claims that new models will feature “jaw dropping” Retina displays, a tapered design like the MacBook Air, no optical drive, and a power button on the keyboard in place of the eject button. It was thought that Apple would release the new MacBook Pro as soon as Intel released its new Ivy Bridge processors, but there is still no sign of the new model. Now reports suggest that the new MacBook Pro will launch in time for WWDC in June.

However, benchmarks have emerged for MacBooks powered by the new chips. The Geekbench benchmark score for the new model is listed as 12,262, higher than the 10,000 to 11,000 for the current MacBook Pro line-up. The Geekbench database also includes a new iMac, which is listed as running an Intel Ivy Bridge Core i7-3770 quad-core processor at 3.4GHz. The benchmark score is 12,183, lower than the new MacBook Pro score, but slightly higher than the scores for current iMac models.

There are also rumours that Apple will launch a new, cheaper MacBook Air later this year, to complete in the ultrabook market.

The announcement that Apple’s WWDC will start on 11 June lead to much speculation about what Apple will launch at the developer conference. Top of the list is OS X Mountain Lion, which Apple has already revealed will launch this summer.

Also getting reasonable odds for a launch at WWDC is iOS 6. There are claims that Apple could bring Siri to the iPad with iOS 6. According to reports, the only reason Siri doesn’t already feature is “interface issues”. Also said to be coming in iOS 6 are new Apple style maps that will replace the Google Maps app we all know.

There are also a hopeful few wishing for the iPhone 5 to make an appearance at the conference, but they are likely to be disappointed. The iPhone 5 is likely to launch in October, even Apple has downplayed its financial expectations for the third quarter of 2012 as it is likely that consumers will hold of purchasing iPhones until it launches later in the year. Rumour has it that the new iPhone will feature a liquidmetal case, a 4in display, and will use multi-tiered haptic technology.

As we predicted last issue, Apple’s been in hot water over its insistence the new iPad is 4G, because in the UK, Australia, and other countries, it isn’t capable of 4G. Following accusations that the company has been misleading consumers, Apple has changed the name of its new iPad on websites worldwide, swapping ‘4G’ to ‘Cellular’.

Rounding off the rumours was the Foxconn boss chiming in on Apple’s plans to launch a TV, when we heard the rumour that he had said Foxconn was working with Apple on a smart television we took it with a pinch of salt and it sounds like we were right to: the company has since denied that was what it said. We did however like the sound of a rumour that stated that Apple’s so called iTV (a name we’ll put money on the company not using due to it being the name of a UK TV channel) being nothing more than glass panels linked by WiFi to your Apple media centre.

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