Apple's newly acquired music software company Emagic has released its Logic Control System for MIDI devices.

The Logic Control System can now control every OMS- (Open Music System) compatible Mac OS 9 audio and MIDI application. Controllable applications presently include Pro Tools, Digital Performer and Nuendo.

Logic is Emagic's software for digital audio and MIDI production. Versions are available for beginners, studio and professional musicians. More information on Emagic products is available on the company's Web site.

Switching between host applications with a Logic Control System can be performed with no reconfiguration, or need to launch additional programs, Emagic claims. The number of Logic Control and Logic Control XT units that can be used in a setup is limited solely by the host application, Emagic says.

The solution is available for free download from the company - because the XSKey is not required by the Logic Control System, musicians who don't have a Logic Platinum 5 license can also use the solution.

The company has also published its free Logic Control MIDI protocol. This means audio software makers can easily build Logic support into their applications.

Last week, Emagic released Logic Series 5.5 for Mac OS X and 9.x. This features support for the new version of the company's EXS24 mk II software sampler. This release carries a host of new features - including enhanced Audio Unit functionality in OS X. This update is available free to Logic 5 users.

The company also announced that the entire Logic range is now available for Mac OS X.