While welcoming Apple's acceptance that many users prefer using a multi-buttoned mouse, the Wall Street Journal's technology reporter is lukewarm on the Mighty Mouse.

Apple launched its new mouse last week, surprising many long-time Mac users with the product's multiple mouse buttons.

The company has always insisted on a single-button mouse, despite complaints from its professional users who turn to third-party solutions in order to buy better functionality.

Apple v Microsoft

The Wall Street Journal's Walt Mossberg took a look at the new rodent last week, comparing it to Microsoft's recently-introduced Wireless Optical Mouse 5000.

He is critical of Apple's offering for being wired, rather than wireless. He also complains that Mighty Mouse's design (it looks just like a conventional Apple mouse), "makes right-clicking slower and clumsier than on a typical Microsoft or Logitech mouse with real buttons".

Microsoft mouse beats Apple

He also found the scrolling function hard to use, while the right-click button is "unpredictable", he claims. He also notes that Microsoft's offering carries a new 'magnifier window' feature that lets users enlarge the area of the screen under the cursor.

Concluding, he writes: "So, stop the presses: Microsoft has beaten Apple on hardware design, at least in this one case."