Hit TV game show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire is appearing on PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) devices.

The game will be released for Palm operating systems on November 30.

European-language versions of the game are being made available for the UK, Germany and Sweden. Other language versions will follow.

Dot-com millionaire The game itself and the first 50 questions are free. These can be downloaded on to Palms via the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Web site.

Two question packs – each containing 500 questions – are available for £9.99. A further three packs are planned for release.

The PDA game will retain features of the TV show including "Phone-a-Friend", "Ask the Audience” and "50:50". Unique to the PDA version will be a timer challenge – the quicker the question is answered, the higher the bonus scored. A highest score table records the best scores.

David Burton, Eidos’ head of strategic marketing, said: "Celador and Eidos are putting together a unique offer. We’re leading the way with the launch of a global entertainment-brand on PDAs, and we’re virally marketing it by distributing a secure free download trial-version. It is a pioneering project that we believe will benefit us greatly in the future."