In Apple CEO Steve Jobs' absence following his cancer surgery another may be about to step into his shoes, and it's not VP Timothy Cook who has been running the company for the last couple of months.

Wired Magazine has revealed the whereabouts of a mini-me-style Steve Jobs, who in the guise of the famous CEO has been touring the world clad in a mini black turtleneck and mini blue jeans, he even carries a mini water bottle – as seen in any of Jobs' keynotes.

The Mini iLeader is a GI Joe doll dressed up to look like the famous CEO. Every week he is sent from one Mac fan to another, photographed, and the pictures posted on the project's website.

Danny La, a 26-year-old newspaper photographer from Salt Lake City who helped initiate the project with friend Pam Phillips told Wired: "It's a community builder, a get-to-know-ya."

The mini iLeader has met Duran Duran, visited Apple's California HQ and been chased off the Microsoft campus by security. He was seen in Pisa recently (see snap below).

The mini iLeader has visited about 70 people in several countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Italy and Ecuador, he is currently biding his time in Massachusetts prior to making a bid for the CEO-ship of Apple.