Minolta is set to release four digital cameras – the DiMage 7, DiMage 5, DiMage S304 and DiMage E201.

The DiMage 7, 5 and S304 use Minolta's GT Lens technology. This is designed to provide optimized image-capture, the company claims.

DiMage 7 offers a 5.24-million pixel CCD (charge-coupled device), while DiMage 5 provides 3.34 million pixels. Both come equipped with a Minolta GT lens with a 7x digital-zoom ratio.

The £999 DiMage 7's zoom offers a wide-angle focal length, while the DiMage 5 has a telephoto reach of the digital equivalent of a conventional 35mm camera's 35mm to 250mm lens. The DiMage 5 ships at the end of August for £799.

DiMage 7 has a 2/3-inch CCD. This means images can be printed at up to A3 size at 150dpi, or A5 at 300dpi. The DiMage 5 can print B4 prints at 150dpi.

Both offer a high-resolution display, and a Digital Hyper Viewfinder, which displays a variety of shooting information and also provides a visual representation of the image about to be captured.

The DiMage S304 offers a 3.34-million pixel CCD, with a 4x zoom lens. This model will ship at the end of August. Pricing is not yet fixed.

The entry-level £299 DiMage E201 has a new processor that records movies. It offers a 2.3-million pixel CCD and ships in July.

All the cameras in the range capture data to a CompactFlash card, and connect using USB. All are capable of capturing short-burst MPEG movies. The top-of-the range models are capable of also recording speech.