Mireth Technology has released ShredIt X for Mac OS X, the Carbonized version of its privacy utility.

ShredIt is an electronic-document shredder for Macs, which can completely delete files and folders. Trashing a file does not remove the file's contents from a hard drive. It only removes the file name from the directory, leaving hidden data potentially vulnerable.

This utility – which supports drag-&-drop – will shred files, folders and items on internal and external hard drives. It also has a configurable overwrite pattern, putting a seal across confidential or business-sensitive data. It will shred free space on a hard drive, or even an entire hard drive, though in this case it will leave the operating system untouched. Another feature, Safe Place, will protect data from accidental shredding.

The utility costs $19.95. A free demonstration version is available for download from the company.