Apple's market share in Europe for its second quarter remains unchanged, reports IDC.

IDC says that although Apple's performance was bolstered by strong notebook sales, it was also negatively impacted by weakness in its desktop market.

"It is still at ninth position within the European market," analyst Ian Gibbs told Macworld last night. However, "Apple's shipments have decreased year-on-year for a second quarter running – this time by 0.7 per cent," the analyst claimed.

This has not affected market share because: "Apple's strengths in the quarter really lay in its attractive notebook offerings."

Across the industry, the European, Middle East and African notebook market grew 39 per cent in the second quarter 2003. Apple's rate of growth eclipsed this industry average, Gibbs confirmed: "In Europe, Apple experienced 46.5 per cent growth in the commercial notebook market (PowerBook G4s) and 56.2 per cent growth in the consumer market (iBooks) year-on-year," he said.

IDC also revealed that the UK PC market continues to display "signs of promising growth in the second quarter". The market grew 15.7 per cent, year-on-year, IDC said. Notebooks are driving this growth, but IDC sees a 6.3 per cent year-on-year increase in desktop sales, too.

However, the iMac is now in its seventh quarter in total, while Power Mac G5s were not in channel during the second quarter 2003. This has led to softness in Apple's desktop sales, and resellers presently report little demand for iMacs.

Gibbs agreed, but said: "The decline in Apple's desktop shipments was not enough to offset this notebook growth – ultimately constraining its performance this quarter," he added.