Apple CEO Steve Jobs may be right in dismissing suggestions that people would watch movies on their iPods, but a TV company has demonstrated that people will watch television on a mobile phone screen – perhaps suggesting that there may be a market for other video content on the iPod.

Norwegians can watch the telly from their mobile phones, thanks to a service from the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation. In addition to live streaming they can watch hourly news bulletins, and a Top Gear-style motoring show. NRK says the content will become more tailored as the market picks up.

The feedback so far has been encouraging. NRK spokesman Andre Myklebust told the BBC: "In the first eight hours of launching, 2,000 clips were downloaded."

"Usage will go up and up. Mobile networks are getting faster and better, and by next year 80 per cent of handsets will have a media player," he added.

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