The estranged wife of former Apple UK managing director Jon Molyneux has been given a five-year sentence for hiring a hit man to kill him in a staged carjacking.

Shelley Molyneux, 41, broke down as the sentence was read out. She had to be carried out of the Old Bailey courtroom.

Molyneux pleaded guilty in September to procuring the services of an undercover reporter, posing as a hitman, to murder her husband Jon.

Molyneux was tricked into attempting to hire undercover Sunday People journalist Roger Insall. He secretly filmed the conversation when she proposed the plan.

Mother of four, Molyneux told the reporter that her husband had been unfaithful and told him “he is making my life hell. I want him gone".

Had she succeed in her attempt to murder her former husband, Molyneux stood to inherit his fortune of well over £1 million, plus an insurance policy worth £600,000.