Mophie Juice Pack Helium

Mophie is getting ready to ship the Juice Pack Helium, the first Apple certified external battery case for the iPhone 5.

The Juice Pack Helium is a case that surrounds the rear of the iPhone 5 and connects via the Lightning Connector to feed extra power into the device. Mophie claims that the Juice Pack Helium is the lightest battery case it has ever made, and that it is 13 per cent thinner than any other case its made so far.

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"While other brands were busy publishing renderings and making handmade prototypes for CES, we were dialing in production and preparing for market," said Ross Howe, vice president of marketing at mophie. "We always strive to set new benchmarks for excellence in the portable power category, and have accomplished that with the development and release of the juice pack helium, the world's first authentic battery for iPhone 5."

The Mophie Juice Pack Helium measures just 6.09 x 13.9 x 1.5cm in size (Mophie has not provided the weight to us yet), and although it makes your iPhone 5 bigger, it's a good trade in size for longetivity. Inside the Juice Pack Helium is a 1500mAh battery.

The battery can provide an additional 6 to 7 hours of life to the iPhone 5 (depending on whether you use 3G or WiFi), which adds to the 8-10 hours of the iPhone 5 built-in battery to provide between 14-17 hours of total usage time.

That's a serious upgrade and, although it adds additional weight to the iPhone it is ideal for those who work long days away from charge points, or for long-haul flights.

As with earlier Juice Pack devices, you charge the battery up using a USB charging cable (which charges both the internal and external battery when connected), and it has a Pass-through audio jack cable so you can continue to listent to your iPhone 5 audio when it is connected.

The device will retail for £59.95. Mophie is taking pre-orders now on its website and the Juice Pack Helium is expected to ship 19 Feb.