New reports continue to focus on Apple's anticipated movie download service.

ThinkSecret believes that discussions between movie studios and Apple are well under way, as Apple CEO Steve Jobs works to license content for such a service.

Negotiations are understood to be advanced, but Apple's determination that movies should be made available on an à la carte download basis is facing resistance from the film industry.

If a service emerges, it's possible that Apple will offer both movie downloads and a movie subscription service, a middle ground between the two positions.

"There's been a lot of progress, but big issues remain unresolved. It could happen fast or it could happen slow. It's all up to Steve Jobs," a highly placed industry executive told ThinkSecret.

It's also claimed that Apple's engineers have tweaked the company's FairPlay digital rights management technology to support subscription services.

Finally, Think Secret claims that a recent Coyote Insight survey, which asked customers if they would use an iTunes movie service, came from the Starz Entertainment Group, one of the two largest movie distributors.

Starz Entertainment Group senior vice president Bob Greene, told MacCentral: "We've had several conversations with Apple. We'd like to develop for the Mac and we're thinking throughout how to do that."

An additional report also claims the release of a 'true' video iPod is imminent. Apple reportedly has chosen to use a 4in screen in the device, which may ship by April, the report claims.