Apple has posted Plug-in Pack 2 for iMovie 2.0.1.

The plug-ins will not work with earlier versions of the application. iMovie 2 has a plug-in architecture, but Apple hasn’t released its Software Developers Kits to independent developers. Jon Bass, senior product manager for video applications, told Macworld that some independent developers are already working at building third-party applications for Apple’s consumer-video solution.

Effects Plug-in Pack 2 contains Effects, Transitions and Titling options. Effects include Flash, Ghost Trails and Mirror. Circle Closing, Circle Opening, Warp In and Warp Out transitions are included. New titling options include Subtitles, Multiple Subtitles, and Zoom.

The plug-ins work with any English Mac OS 9.0.4 or later, and require QuickTime 4.1.2 or later. It’s a small download (188-255K) from Apple’s software updates Web site.

Apple posted a Plug-in Pack once before, in early August, but the Web location and contents of the Pack have changed.