The G5 Xserve and the revamped Xserve RAID have "accomplished what Apple absolutely had to do this year: Close the performance gap between Xeon and Xserve, and give Xserve RAID the storage partitioning and online RAID set expansion that the IT market demands," according to InfoWorld.

The author reports that he is "OK" with Apple's promise that its new server consumes about ten per cent more power than the G4 Xserve, runs two to three times faster and costs about the same.

He also explains how Apple keeps the Xserve cool: "With a bank of muffin fans, just as PC servers do," adding that "You'll be shocked to learn that the orchard of windmill-sized fans that make the Power Mac G5 so quiet are missing from the 1U G5 Xserve. Apple's fabled ingenuity has failed us."

And, according to InfoWorld: "Through LUN (logical unit number) emulation, multiple servers will make direct connections to the new Xserve RAID, eliminating the need for a compute server that publishes storage as network shares. That ought to restore Apple's feature leadership among units in its price class, as could G5 Xserve."