Apple should ship a protective case with every iPod nano it sells, suggests Wall Street Journal technology correspondent, Walt Mossberg.

In his early review of the music player, Mossberg described the iPod nano as: "The best combination of beauty and functionality of any music player I've tested."

The review was based upon one week's use. Several week's later on, and Mossberg's own iPod nano has gotten scratched, which he calls a "downside to an otherwise excellent product".

"I believe the tiny, thin iPod nano is much more prone to scratching than earlier iPods, even though they, too, picked up scratches," he writes.

"I have never tested or owned any portable electronic device that picked up as many scratches as quickly as the iPod nano," he states.

He speculates that because the gadget is smaller than previous Apple digital music players, people handle it differently, storing it in pockets with keys, or loose in bags.

He believes "something" about the product makes the protective coating Apple puts on it "less effective" than it is with larger iPods.

"I believe Apple should include a strong, thin case with every nano, starting as soon as possible. And Apple should research some sort of tougher coating for future nano models," he writes.