Apple's Motion application is shipping now in the UK.

The product – which is a new application for real-time motion graphics - ships in the UK at the same time as it does in the US. Apple announced the news at Siggraph in LA. Motion's UK price (including VAT) is £199.

Apple vice president of applications marketing Rob Schoeben said: "Motion grabbed the spotlight, along with the best of show awards, at the National Association of Broadcasters convention," he said.

"Motion will do for motion graphics what Final Cut Pro did for non-linear editing - bring the ability to create pro-quality results to the broader market," he explained.

What it does

Motion features interactive animation of text, graphics and video, offering instant previewing of multiple filters and particle effects. It also introduces Behaviours that allow artists to add natural-looking movement to type and graphics without the use of keyframes. A Keyframe Editor can be used to plot precise parameter values at specific frames.

Motion includes a particle engine that applies particle presets such as smoke, sparkles and fire to any animation. Almost any graphic element on the screen can be turned into a particle and then modified to create unlimited, customized special effects, says Apple.

Another feature is Dashboards – contextual, semi-transparent floating palettes that provide the tools and slider parameters for objects being animated. Behaviours are applied with a graphical control that appears on the Dashboard.

Motion’s Project Pane gives users an easy way to quickly view and manage all layers, filters, Behaviours, masks and objects within a project at once, and 25 pre-set Gestures enable users to focus on the creative process, rather than searching for keyboard commands or menu items, claims Apple.

The product integrates with Apple’s other professional applications, including Final Cut Pro HD, DVD Studio Pro 3, Shake 3.5, Soundtrack, and Logic Pro 6.