Inventive developers have figured out how to grab a little entertainment from Apple's new Sudden Motion Sensor.

AMS Visualizer uses Sudden Motion Sensor data to display a virtual 3D PowerBook that moves and tilts as a user moves their notebook around.

"The orientation of the on-screen image is a real-time approximation of the computer's physical orientation. So, if you tilt the PowerBook left, the image will immediately tilt left; if you roll the PowerBook backwards, the image will roll backwards, and so on," the developers say.

They also promise to release a Tiger Widget when the OS is released.

The developers are also working on an infernally frustrating user interface idea - the Perturbed Desktop. This continuously changes a Window's orientation, jumbling up the desktop, while ensuring all the applications behave normally.

In related news, another pair of developers have been able to write a script that allows owners of new PowerBooks to cycle through their iTunes tracks simply by jogging their Mac.