Motorola is expected to reveal its first handsets that will carry Apple's iTunes music software on Thursday.

The new Motorola phone will allow customers to play their existing iTunes songs from the handset. It is unlikely that customers will be able to purchase songs from the iTunes Music Store with the device however.

This could be a drawback for Motorola and Apple as wireless operators like Sprint are seeking to offer such services, and an alliance between Nokia and Microsoft, announced last month, will offer access to music.

Motorola CEO Ed Zander told Newsweek that consumers will demand brands like iTunes but concedes that the carriers will ultimately get the first shot at selling songs on phones. Analysts agree that the carriers have more leverage.

The Newsweek report notes that Motorola execs talk of a forthcoming music phone called Rockr, that could recognize songs being played in a club, let users download them to their phones, and then send them home to their stereo.