Motorola's Semiconductor Products Sector is set to acquire outstanding Metrowerks common shares for $95 million, the companies have announced.

MetroWerks is best known for Code Warrior, which has 200,000 users in 80 countries. But as a major supplier of Mac development-tools it also produces tools for developing Palm and Java code.
Metrowerks also recently announced tools for Apple's carbon libraries, which will be introduced with Mac OS X.

Hector de Ruiz, president of Motorola Semiconductor Products Sector, said: "Metrowerks has an exceptional team, and its CodeWarrior software development products are among the industry's best for desktop and embedded systems programming, covering microprocessors, microcontrollers and digital signal processors.

"We intend for Metrowerks to be a core component of our open and extensible software development tools expertise for enabling our DigitalDNA embedded solutions leadership."