Apple's Motorola match-up may have seen delays, but the marriage could be smart intelligence for both parties.

The Boston Globe reports on the latest swathe of wireless mobile handsets appearing on the market, but adds: "Industry insiders warn it could be a long wait for true iPod-rivalling devices to hit the market".

It reports that this is because such devices must also implement "a clear way for network carriers to get a cut of the profits".

"If people can buy a phone and download music into it straight from their computer song collection, ''that's not an interesting business proposition for the carrier," John Orlando, marketing vice president with NMS Communications told the Boston Globe.

Motorola had intended undraping its new iTunes Apple/Motorola-developed mobile at Cebit, but withdrew from the divestiture at the eleventh hour.

The move spawned a wave of speculation.

While Apple partner Motorola insists the delay has been caused by Apple's concern that the product be ready for market before it ships, others have speculated that the release was delayed as no clear profit stream had been established for carriers.

A telecoms industry insider also revealed a fresh rumour, Macworld sources say - that the unit had been rebuffed by a carrier that had been testing it, and that the phone had been delayed by a need to re-engineer it.

Jefferies & Company semiconductor industry analyst Adam Benjamin warned the Boston Globe that an iPod/mobile phone combination will "take a while". He suggests such problems as ensuring the music player "doesn't rapidly drain the phone battery" as one challenge within this.

Orlando isn't certain the two industries match: ''iPod users and mobile phone users are completely different people. What we see with people who download wireless music is that it's event-driven. It's a song they want right now," he said.