Motorola is searching for a new leader, following Friday's resignation of the company's chairman and CEO Christopher Galvin.

Galvin, whose grandfather founded Motorola 75 years ago, will leave the company after a successor is found. Galvin cited differences with the board over the progress of Motorola's attempt to return to profitability.

Galvin, 53, has led the company for six years, and has served the company for 36 years.

He said: "While I have achieved substantial results, the board and I do not share the same view of the company's pace, strategy and progress at this stage of the turnaround."

In its attempt to become profitable once again, Motorola has cut 60,000 jobs since August 2000.

Motorola supplies the G4 processors used by Apple in some of its Macs, including the recently announced PowerBook G4. The company's semiconductor division has been trounced at Apple's high-end, as it was unable to ramp-up processor speeds sufficiently to compete with the G5 (PowerPC 970) processor adopted by Apple in its new professional desktop products.