Production of Power PC G4 processors for Apple remain unaffected by the Taiwan earthquake, Motorola claimed yesterday.

Although power is yet to be restored to manufacturing plants, Motorola spokesman Scott Stevens said production of G4 processors at its three facilities in Taiwan "remain on track, or will at least progress without further delays than those announced".

He said this was because the company is devoted to the production of embedded chips for transportation and wireless systems, and not desktop CPUs.

Stevens added: "Industry is the last priority for power, after emergency services and residences, so it may be a little longer before we can fully check our existing facilities.

Motorola natural disaster contingency plan is to find a primary, secondary and tertiary source for chips. Asked if possible damage to the Taiwan sites would draw its resources away from the G4, he said "the G4 is top priority".

According to local reports, the Taiwan semiconductor industry has been grounded for a minimum of two weeks by the earthquake. It is expected to cost the industry more than £250 million in lost production.

A major worldwide price increase in chips, including dynamic-RAM chips is expected.