Motorola is hatching plans to revamp its iTunes ROKR phone, including adding a batch of new services.

Business Week reports the mobile handset manufacturer and the ROKR's US network provider, Cingular, are working to ensure they get the offering right, second time around.

Motorola reckons it has shipped 500,000 ROKRs worldwide.

The next version of the phone will have a 1 megapixel camera, a 3.5mm earphone jack and will be able to hold not 100 but 1,000 songs. It'll have a slick new design.

"Odds are, iTunes will be part of the package", the report states while pointing out that the final decision there rests with Cingular.

New services will include streamed commercial-free music radio, and access to a music to mobile retail service.

"Cingular expects to offer subscribers the best array of music options anywhere. Those who prefer iTunes will have the Apple service available." Some phones will be able to hold music transferred to computers from CDs as well.

A Reuters report also looks at Motorola's strategy next year.

Motorola's head of mobile devices division Ron Garriques would not tell Reuters when his company plans to release a ROKR follow-up. "But he said Motorola would put iTunes in other Motorola handsets at operators' requests." the report states.

"Across the world there are a significant number of carriers who like iTunes," he told Reuters.