Motorola has announced a fabrication innovation that lets the company manufacture smaller, more powerful PowerPC microprocessors.

It's called HiPerMOS7, claims The Register. It means the company can now build 0.13 micron circuits, using copper interconnects along with silicon-on-insulator (SOI) techniques. Motorola currently uses a 0.18 micron process for its PowerPC chips.

Reducing the size to 0.13 microns (much smaller than a human hair), means that chips can hold more transistors, with less heat output than is currently possible. The microprocessors are also more efficient, and promise to operate at higher speeds.

Motorola's main customer outside the embedded-chip market for PowerPC chips is Apple. Neither Apple nor Motorola would confirm if either company plans to utilize chips built with the 0.13 micron technology, but it remains likely – assuming Motorola can ramp up its yields.