Motorola's forthcoming iTunes-capable phone (or phones) will be able to download music, just like Macs do, the company let slip.

Previously, Apple and Motorola have simply claimed that the device would be capable of downloading music from a computers' iTunes library. This is the first time an independent download capacity has been implied.

When the two companies revealed their plans in July last year, they said: the new phones would let users: "Transfer their favourite songs from the iTunes jukebox on their PC or Mac, including songs from the iTunes Music Store, to Motorola’s next-generation “always with you” mobile handsets, via a USB or Bluetooth connection."

Mobile music download capacity implied

Speaking at CeBIT Motorola Germany's marketing director Volker Haebel said: "The iTunes program would work just like the version available to computer users. The software would be compatible, and people who download iTunes to their phones would then be able to transfer the songs to their computers and portable iPod music players."

Motorola caused anticipation and consternation this week - the first by briefing the press that it would launch its first iTunes handset this week, the second by imposing an eleventh-hour delay on that launch.

Some reports have speculated that the decision to cancel the launch was because the company had been unable to secure contracts with the carriers.

Global partners moving to position

Denying this, Motorola yesterday told Macworld: "We have not changed our plans around this upcoming product. We're in discussions with a number of carriers on the first iTunes phone, and we'll announce it when it's ready to go."

Motorola spokeswoman Monica Rohleder said: "Motorola discussed the logistics of this product with our carriers across the globe and we decided to wait to announce it when everybody is in sync with it."

Haebel however has revealed the hotly-anticipated handset should see its US launch, "in the next few weeks".