No sooner has Apple unleashed the Power Mac G4 range of killer Macs, than Motorola announces its processor road map with PowerPC G5 and G6 chips at 2GHz!

The PowerPC road map sketches out Motorola's plans for the processor architecture all the way to 2009. Motorola expects to continue manufacturing the current PowerPC 750 (G3) and 7400 (G4) processors even when it introduces the 7500 (G5) and 7600 (G6).

The PowerPC G3, the brawn behind Apple's iMacs and portables, will reach speeds of "up to 450 MHz," the current ceiling for the chip.

Motorola's latest PowerPC processor, the 7400 (G4), currently shipping in Apple's Power Mac G4, will reach speeds of up to 1GHz. Motorola plans to move the G4 from the current copper-fabrication process to a silicon-on-insulator technology. This could boost speeds by up to 35 per cent, or reduce their power consumption by up to 65 per cent at the same speed."

The G5 will feature an extensible architecture, a new data pipeline and a new bus structure, and will be available in 32- and 64-bit products, with "backwards compatibility."

The 7500 will run at speeds of 2 GHz and beyond.