Apple's AIM (Apple, IBM, Motorola) Alliance partner, Motorola has announced it will lay-off 9,400 people in 2002, adding to the 30,000 jobs it has shed this year.

The company is facing continued losses in its business, revealing that it expects to post further losses in its forthcoming first quarter of the 2002 financial year.

During its fourth quarter 2001, Motorola notified 4,100 employees that their positions would be eliminated, Motorola said in a statement. The company will continue phasing-out manufacturing facilities in its Semiconductor Products Sector, in addition to cutbacks already announced this year, resulting in the elimination of about 4,000 positions in that group. This fits Motorola's current strategy of outsourcing its semiconductor manufacturing. It's not yet clear if its experimental and development teams are to be kept on, nor if it plans to continue producing Apple's processors in-house, as the company has done so far.

Motorola will have eliminated 42,900 jobs and transferred 5,500 employees by the end of 2002, the company said. In August 2000, Motorola had 150,000 employees.

On a somewhat brighter note, Motorola said it still expects to achieve its previously estimated revenue and loss per share for the fourth quarter of 2001. At the end of the third quarter, the company said it expected a pro-forma loss of between $0.04 and $0.05 per share.