Motorola has disclosed plans to accelerate the G4 chip to 700MHz "in the near future". The announcement was made at the Microprocessor Forum, the yearly Californian processor industry conference.

The chip should achieve over 700MHz, according to Motorola sources. They contain integrated secondary cache (256KB), similar to Intel's forthcoming "Coppermine" processor.

Built on a different architecture, the higher speed will offer desktop machines opportunities for major, advanced applications. Other chips run at faster frequencies: AMD offers a700-MHz Athlon chip, while Intel has the 733-MHz Coppermine Pentium III.

Running G4 chips at frequency speeds rivalling those of the best chips available from the Intel-world, and counting the additional functionality built-in to the Motorola series, means that the PowerPC will gain an edge on the competition.

Availability is yet to be announced - but chip pundits say the new-style G4s will possess a further 2MB of third-level cache, with significant space for further increases in frequency speeds.