AIM (Apple, IBM, Motorola) Alliance member, Motorola has announced a new PowerPC processor.

The company describes the MPC7447A as a "high-performance, power-efficient 32-bit RISC device, operating in excess of 1.4Ghz". It is the latest and fastest member of the MPC74xx PowerPC processor family, used in G4 Macs.

Motorola claims the chip is designed to enable superior performance and excellent low-power capacity. The company says that when operating at 1.42GHz the MPC7447A has a typical power consumption of less than 20W. A lower-power version of the MPC7447A – consuming less than 10W at 1167Mhz – is available for power-sensitive applications that require GHz-class performance, says Motorola.

The MPC7447A offers on-chip power management features, enabling users to change CPU clock speeds on the fly and reduce processor power consumption.

According to Motorola, the MPC7447A is capable of issuing four instructions per clock cycle into eleven independent execution units. It features 512KB of on-chip L2 cache, full symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) support, a 64-bit bus interface, and a full 128-bit implementation of Motorola's AltiVec Single Instruction Multiple Data (SIMD) vector processing technology.