Apple CEO Steve Jobs may have found a 'buyer' for his Spanish colonial-style, Woodside mansion.

Thirty enquiries have been made into the property since an article appeared in This Old House magazine explaining that Jobs is offering to give his old house away to anyone who wants it for free - they just have to pay to have the house transported elsewhere.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that the house, described by Jobs as "one of the biggest abominations of a house I've ever seen", has caught the eye of Dr. Timothy Chuter.

"Chuter is familiar with large-scale renovation projects having grown up in the UK and lived in an old house that took his family 10 years to restore," states the article.

He told the Chronicle: "I can see why Jobs would not want to live with it in its current state. It's structured like a motel, with little apartments that you access from walkways and balconies."

Chuter has done his research. He has found original sketches and plans of the home, letters regarding modifications, and photos and articles about the property from magazines.

His plans for the house that would involve moving it up the road to his 8-acre property, but leaving the organ room behind as this was a later addition which "really destroyed the symmetry of the building.'' All this depend on whether the town grants permission to move the home, they have already prohibited Jobs from demolishing the house, issuing a preservation order.

"If you look at the collection of works of George Washington Smith, there are plenty of examples of how the inside could change and still be consistent with his architectural style,

"If the historical society can control all aspects and exteriors and say they must remain exactly the same, then I wouldn't be interested in doing it. I would say there's a 50-50 chance of it going forward. If it does, wonderful. If not, I'll go ahead with the house I had planned," said Chuter.