Sol Robots has revealed its Road Trip Effect Pro software for quickly making movies.

The company says the release adds "new dimensions" to its existing Road Trip Effect product. These new dimensions include the capacity to support unlimited layers, each with their own colour, width and other data.

The software lets users create a video travel log of places they visit in a format that iMovie and other movie editors recognise. It's useful if you want to show where you have been on a map within a movie, for example.

Along with the launch of the pro product, both products also offer features through an improved interface. Users can also exploit Road Trip Effect or Road Trip Effect Pro's ability to control the lead in and lead out for the movie sequence, whether the trail can wrap around the map (great for world wide journeys), and the ability to hide leg endpoints (this allows you to create a hand tuned curve in your trip).  

Road Trip Effect Pro licences are available now from Sol Robots for $24.95. Road Trip Effect (Standard Edition) is available from Sol Robots for $9.95.