e-vue, a specialist in MPEG-4 multimedia tools, has announced the availability of the first MPEG-4 still-image encoding and decoding products.

Developed by the Moving Picture Experts Group, MPEG-4 is the internationally recognized ISO standard for creating and delivering multimedia content over networks.

MPEG-4 can stream a broad range of digital multimedia: audio, video and still images and 2D and 3D files.

The e-vue tools promote efficient compression, object-based interactivity, error resilience, bandwidth scalability - 5Kbps to 20Mbps - network and transport protocol independence and content security.

These products include e-Vue Image Viewer: a free Web browser plug-in enabling Web surfers to download and view MPEG-4, without waiting for the entire file to be downloaded.

Web designers can use the products to create bandwidth-friendly high-quality, high-compression image files that site visitors can view in different display modes.

All e-Vue Still Image products, as well as a demo and free downloadable trial versions of the software, are available online at the company’s Web site.