MPEG-LA will hold its European MPEG-4-license meeting in Amsterdam on March 19.

MPEG-LA is a group of patent holders involved in the MPEG-4 standard. The body is charged with collecting license fees and helping boost MPEG-4 adoption in the marketplace. MPEG-4 is the new standard for online video and audio, developed to kick-start the online video-on-demand industry.

MPEG-4 offers high-quality Internet video at low bandwidths, and is supported in QuickTime 6.0.

MPEG-4 vice president of licensing and business development, Larry Horn will lead the meeting, and topics covered will include visual unique use and consumer recorded video; stored video; mobile video; MPEG-4 systems and enterprise licenses.

The MPEG-4 said in a statement: "In the past year there has been substantial interest in the MPEG-LA patent licensing terms. MPEG-LA received feedback across the different business sectors that will utilise MPEG-4. We marshalled 20 MPEG-4 visual essential patent-holders and 7 MPEG-4 systems patent-holders to consensus, enabling the group to issue one-stop licenses that are responsive to market needs."

Apple has adopted MPEG-4 as part of QuickTime 6.0. Apple is one of the MPEG-4 standard's seven systems patent-holders.

Interviewed last June, Apple CEO Steve Jobs describes MPEG-4 as "a whole new industry".

The standard faces competition from Microsoft's Windows Media software, which integrates digital-rights management technology. Such protection is seen as essential to protect copyright in today's market, and the inclusion of DRM within Windows Media gives Microsoft's solution a market advantage critics say.

However, MPEG-4 developers have developed DRM and encryption features, which they hope to see accepted as an industry standard in June, according to reports.

The MPEG-4 meeting takes place at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Amsterdam's city centre.