Microsoft has withdrawn a motion asking that AOL Time Warner (AOLTW) be forced by a federal judge to turn over documents related to the government's ongoing antitrust case against Microsoft.

In a one-paragraph court filing yesterday, Microsoft said that the matter had been resolved and so its motion has been withdrawn. The two firms had been asked to resolve the issue by the judge in the case, Colleen Kollar-Kotelly.

The judge wrote: "The court further notes that the aspersions cast in the parties' pleadings as to the respective motivations of the opposing party do not advance the resolution of the issues presently before the court and in truth, only serve to lengthen needlessly the parties' filings."

Microsoft wanted AOLTW to be forced to quickly turn over documents in the case, arguing that its rival was withholding information while it helped the nine US states and the District of Columbia, which have refused to join the proposed settlement agreement between Microsoft, and the Department of Justice and nine other states.

Details regarding how Microsoft and AOLTW resolved the disagreement were not provided in the court document.