The US Supreme Court is expected to announce whether it will hear Microsoft’s appeal in the antitrust case.

The announcement is rumoured to be appearing in the Supreme Court’s next order list, due today. The court has been asked to take a direct appeal in the Department of Justice’s antitrust case against the software maker.

Appeal It’s possible that the Supreme Court could reject taking the case on direct appeal, and order that the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia hears the appeal arguments first. Many legal experts have said they believe the Supreme Court will do this.

Microsoft wants the lower court to hear the appeals first.

Speedy conclusion The government has argued that the case should be on the appeals "fast track", and go to the Supreme Court, because there is compelling public interest in having the matter resolved. Microsoft contends that the government has made a "newfound reading" of the Expediting Act, which allows for direct Supreme Court review of antitrust cases deemed "of general public importance in the administration of justice".

The Supreme Court session begins the first Monday in October. Friday's order list isn't guaranteed to include the Microsoft appeal. The court's decision about whether to take the case could be released in a future order list.