A federal appeals court ruled Friday against Microsoft's attempt to delay its antitrust battle from heading to a new trial court.

Microsoft asked the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia to postpone its case from heading to a trial court, where a judge is expected to decide a new set of remedies to impose on the software giant.

Microsoft requested a stay in the case until the Supreme Court reviews the June 28 ruling from the Appeals Court, which affirmed Microsoft was operating as an illegal monopoly.

End settlement Microsoft official Jim Desler said the company will continue working on multiple fronts to bring the case to resolution. He added "We're prepared to move ahead with getting the remaining issues in the case resolved while we await word on the Supreme Court review.

"We've stated before that we're committed to resolving the remaining issues through settlement."

DOJ spokeswoman Gina Talamona applauded the Appeals Court decision. She said: "We are pleased with the Court's decision, and we look forward to proceedings in the District Court."

One state attorney general, Tom Miller of Iowa, also cheered the Court's order: "It is important to keep the case moving forward as quickly as possible in such a fast-moving industry."