Microsoft has launched a new collection of mice and keyboards, and plans further waves of consumer-electronic devices during the autumn.

The new products should ship at the end of September. Features include new colours and a further focus on developing feature-specific solutions for specific tasks (using Microsoft products).

For Mac users, announced products include the Wireless Optical Desktop, consisting of a wireless keyboard and a wireless optical mouse. Features of the £79 kit include customizable hot keys, enhanced F-key support, and on-keyboard dedicated sleep buttons. Mouse features include a wider scroll reel, which supports faster scrolling speeds.

The Wireless Optical Desktop Pro offers the same features as the standard version, but adds customizable features for digital-media management, including single-click buttons to start Internet and Messaging functions. The kit costs £99.99.

The company has also updated its range of optical mice by introducing the laptop-friendly portable £24.99 Notebook Optical Mouse, the Optical Mouse Blue (£29.99), and a wireless version of the latter, which retails at £39.99.