Microsoft has cancelled its hearing with European Union (EU) competition officials next month.

Microsoft wishes to discuss the European Union's antitrust case against the company according to John Frank, Microsoft's chief legal officer in Europe:

"We asked the European Commission to withdraw our request for a hearing," he said, adding that it would be "inaccurate" to say that a settlement is in the offing.

The European Commission (EC) is the section of the EU that is handling the antitrust investigation.

Microsoft was vague about why it's turning down the chance to present its case orally to competition officials from around Europe, and to hear arguments from competitors also attending the meeting: "We've made that determination," Frank said. The hearing had been scheduled for December 20 and 21.

Frank continued: "We want to devote our energies toward a constructive resolution of the case. We have said that when the EC is ready we would welcome the opportunity to hold discussions with them to see if a mutually agreeable solution can be found."

He denied that Microsoft was pulling out because it didn't want to expose the details of the case beyond the investigation team within the Commission.