There is one place at Microsoft where someone can be spotted wearing an "I Don't Do Windows" shirt, a "Think Different" poster can be seen adorning a wall, and colleagues boast of the girlfriend dumped because she bought a Windows PC: the Macintosh Business Unit.

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer Reporter takes a look at Microsoft's 160-employee strong Mac unit, and asks whether fears that Microsoft will stop developing for the Mac are founded.

These fears are based on the fact that the 1997 deal that Microsoft would to ship Office for Mac on a regular basis has expired, and Microsoft's announcement that there will be no major updates to Internet Explorer for the Mac.

In response to fears that Microsoft is not taking the development of Office for Mac seriously Apple points to a statement from the Macworld Expo in which senior vice president of worldwide product marketing Phil Schiller called Office 2004 for Mac "the best version of Office yet, on any platform."

Regarding their commitment to Mac, general manager of the Mac Business Unit Roz Ho told the Reporter: "All we can do is demonstrate by actions. All we can do is just keep shipping more software."

According to Microsoft's Macintosh Business Unit marketing director Tim McDonough: "It makes good business sense for the company to continue making Mac software, and the end of the Apple agreement doesn't change that fact."

He adds: "Although more than 90 per cent of personal computers run Microsoft Windows, Macs are more pervasive in industries such as graphics and publishing."