Microsoft has released a new version of MSN for Mac OS X, claiming that it will "make the Web as useful as your Mac".

The update fixes problems encountered by users running Panther. Users had suffered software crashes when attempting to dial, and crashes following adding a new dial-up location, with pervious versions. It also offers enhanced MSN browsing performance.

MSN for OS X displays information and tools more quickly than ever, according to the company. Also included is the latest version of Windows Media Player for Mac OS X, allowing users to view Media Player 9 content, a set of communication tools, and parental controls.

The MSN for Mac OS X update is released through Microsoft's AutoUpdate. It requires a G3 or higher, OS X 10.1.5 or later, 256 MB of RAM is recommended, and 100 MB of hard-disk space is necessary.

The download time is estimated to be one hour on a 56Kb modem.