Indian developers in Bangalore have created a Bluetooth wireless adaptor and headset for iPods.

Developed by Impulsesoft Technologies the products have been licensed to TEN Technology. The latter company introduced naviPlay, a device which uses Bluetooth to offer iPod owners a wireless remote control at Macworld Expo San Francisco this year. It has also licensed the adaptor (iWisa) and headset (iWish) from the Indian company.

Impulsesoft Technologies chairman Mr Chandrasekaran told India's Financial Express: "We are providing the software and hardware for the naviPlay wireless adaptor and headset."

The iWisa adaptor can be attached to the iPod dock while the iWish headset adaptor allows the use of any stereo headphones or speakers with a standard 3.5 mm stereo plug.

The report adds that the company is working with a Japanese car manufacturer to build a car entertainment system which will let each passenger listen to their music of choice using an iPod and wireless headsets. This system's expected to launch in 2005.

In a move toward converging music players with mobile phones, the company is also developing a product that is a wireless headset for a Bluetooth-enabled phone that can automatically switch between listening to music and a phone conversation, the report reveals.

iPod watchers may be interested to know that one of Impulsesoft 'strategic partner' is called PortalPlayer.